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Safeguarding the Network Security of Intelligent Connected Vehicles

Date: 2023.11.22

On July 31st, Bosch, a leading global technology and service provider, announced that the Future Driving Cabin (Shanghai) Technology Center of Bosch Automotive Multimedia Business Unit was officially completed and opened in Zhangjiang, Pudong. The new technology center has an office area of 2500 square meters and will become the third largest technology center of Bosch Automotive Multimedia Business Unit in China, after Suzhou and Wuhu technology centers. Bosch Future Cabin (Shanghai) Technology Center will focus on the research and development of products in the field of intelligent cabins, such as infotainment on-board computers, driver and passenger monitoring systems, 5G-V2X on-board interconnection control units, etc., further enhancing the comprehensive research and development capabilities of software in the field of future cabins, and providing fast and high-quality engineering services to local customers.

On September 23rd, BMTS held a production ceremony for its Jinan factory in the Linkong Economic Zone of Jinan High tech Zone, Shandong Province. This is its sixth largest production base after Breschach in Germany, Saint Michel in Austria, Shanghai in China, Dongying in Shandong, China, and Ramos Arispe in Mexico. It will mainly produce high-speed and ultra-high temperature precision parts - turbine shaft assemblies. The first phase of the factory covers an area of 15 acres, with an initial equipment investment of no less than 100 million euros. It will construct six Industry 4.0 standard turbine shaft production lines, with an overall planned annual production capacity of 15 million units. After reaching the production capacity, the output value will exceed 2.5 billion yuan. In the future, the factory will mainly provide finished components of turbocharging systems to BMTS assembly factories in Shanghai, Europe, and North America. In addition to production functions, it will also undertake the research and development of electron beam welding and intelligent machining processes for turbine shafts.

According to the agreement, Schaeffler plans to establish a wholly-owned company in Xiangjiang New Area, Hunan, to introduce its Space Drive wire control technology applied in the field of intelligent driving into the new area, develop a Mover platform system and a 90 degree intelligent steering module that meet the requirements of future intelligent driving, and meet the needs of different unmanned driving application scenarios in the future, This marks the entry of Schaeffler's core technology and products for intelligent driving from market promotion to implementation in China. At the same time, Schaeffler also plans to establish a new research and development center and intelligent driving vehicle research institute in Xiangjiang New Area, Hunan. As Schaeffler's second research and development center in the Greater China region, the new research and development center will leverage the advantages of industrial clusters and closely cooperate with autonomous driving related enterprises, with the support and promotion of the Hunan Xiangjiang New Area Management Committee. It will continuously enrich the industrial ecology and chain of intelligent driving in the region and help Hunan Xiangjiang New Area build a highland for the intelligent connected vehicle industry.

The mass production of the new factory means that Corning will directly provide high-performance automotive gorilla glass components AutoGrade for automotive interiors to global automakers, In line with the new trend of integrating more display and glass elements into today's automotive design. AutoGrade launched in early 2019 ? Bringing more possibilities in reliability and economy for the next generation of car design, in line with the new trend of the automotive industry's increasing emphasis on in car connectivity and immersive driving environments. Corning's high-performance automotive glass combines decades of leading experience in display technology, mobile consumer electronics, and the automotive industry, leading to the emergence of a new factory.